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Coin Market Cap
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Hedera Accounts
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Released HBAR
max supply 50 BN
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HBAR Price and Transaction charts

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Daily hbar price chart, in minute or hourly intervals, from ????-??-??-???? to ????-??-??-????, shows the HBAR token price in USD. The prices are powered by coingecko which tracks several exchanges, from Binance Upbit and many other which

HBAR transactions sent to and received from HBAR exchange-like or collective accounts, in minute intervals, from ????-??-??-???? to ????-??-??-????. When an HBAR wallet holder sends tokens to an exchange-like or collective

Internal transactions from and to exchange-like or collective accounts, in minute intervals, from ????-??-??-???? to ????-??-??-????. Often collective accounts move money from one to another, sometimes

Hedera Hashgraph Network Transaction Count

Transaction counter, in minute intervals, from ????-??-??-???? to ????-??-??-????. Hashgraph network transaction gossip is counted from the start to the end of a minute. Note that simply dividing by 60 will not give you an accurate tp/s measure.

 detailed transaction counts
HBAR holdings leader-board

HBar wallet leaders updated as transactions come in and on regular intervals and displayed along with transactional history graph with records from pre open-access, before mirror networks were available.

Rank Acc-Num HBAR HBAR Price ($) Delta All History
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This site is in alpha state and is used only for entertainment purposes and is not suitable for financial decision making or evidence of transaction. Transactions are pure gossip and are not verified. All values are experimental, estimated, and do not reflect or intend to reflect the true state of the Hedera Hashgraph network. Not all transfers are shown and data may be missing due to scan errors. Integrity of data is not guaranteed.
Our HH ID is 0.0.2877 and 0.0.995 (temporarily)
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