Live breakdown of HBAR coins not released

Note As of 20/9/2021 Hedera Hashgraph website does not define a circulating supply anymore and a new definition of released supply is used instead. Hash hash is removing all references to circulating supply in the next few days / weeks. Our previous calculation is in the process of being removed.
Why hedera doesn't use the term 'circulating supply' anymore
Why did the “circulating supply” of hbars increase in September of 2021?
Treasury Management Report

The accounts that comprise the set of not released HBARs are listed in the official Hedera Hashgraph domain and are publicly available . Below we list the same accounts where we add live account balances, updated every 5 minutes, with history to accompany the official lists. Please refer to the original source for detailed definitions of these accounts.

The released supply is calculated by subtracting the sum of the amounts of the non-released accounts listed below from the initial supply of 50B.

[*] We attempt to detect the time when the last change for each non-released account has happened, however the times recorded denote the time when hash-hash has become aware of the change and not when the change has actually happened on the HH Network.

Hedera Pre-minted Treasury

According to Hedera Hashgraph: Hedera Pre-minted Treasury consists of pre-minted hbars unallocated for a particular purpose and controlled by the Hedera Council as a whole.

Hedera Hashgraph Account HBAR balance Last change [*] HBAR balance history
Allocated Supply accounts

According to Hedera Hashgraph: Allocated Supply consists of pre-minted hbars allocated for a particular purpose by the Hedera Council and controlled by the Hedera Staff. Allocations are typically evidenced by written actions or meeting minutes of the Council or Board and may be of a fixed amount (e.g., RCU Plan) or variable amount (e.g., SAFT Bonus Allocations). In rare cases, allocations may be withdrawn by the Hedera Council if they are undistributed and returned to Hedera Pre-minted Treasury.

Hedera Hashgraph Account HBAR balance Last change [*] HBAR balance history
This site is in alpha state and is used only for entertainment purposes and is not suitable for financial decision making or evidence of transaction. Transactions are pure gossip and are not verified. All values are experimental, estimated, and do not reflect or intend to reflect the true state of the Hedera Hashgraph network. Not all transfers are shown and data may be missing due to scan errors. Integrity of data is not guaranteed.
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