Hedera council stats and network status
hash-hash was here.
It's with a heavy heart we have to say goodbye to an enormous personal and community effort to make hash-hash the community champion it was for all these years. Unfortunately, it has to take a break; but, don't worry. Transactions are still being calculated in the background and rest assured that hash hash is just taking a sabbatical leave until we exhaust all means possible to source people, funds, and collaborators to make hash-hash 2 your goto source of transactional information and financial analytics.
This site is in alpha state and is used only for entertainment purposes and is not suitable for financial decision making or evidence of transaction. Transactions are pure gossip and are not verified. All values are experimental, estimated, and do not reflect or intend to reflect the true state of the Hedera Hashgraph network. Not all transfers are shown and data may be missing due to scan errors. Integrity of data is not guaranteed.
Our HH ID is 0.0.2877 and 0.0.995 (temporarily)
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We are an independent community effort and are not affiliated with Hedera Hashraph LLC (hedera.com)

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