Test your testing and you may earn 1 HBar
We're testing the the main-net and our own handling of HH payments. The following test was inspired by a discussion on our telegram. Come give us a shout to let us know if the test worked for you.

Select the title that was not a post in dailytimestamp's test site

  • The Future of Micropayments with
    Hedera Hashgraph
  • Why Digital Currency Will
    Revolutionize Tax Collection
  • Hedera API: Cryptocurrency 101
  • Top 10 Myths of DLTs
  • Hash-hash.info – a financial
    platform built on Hashgraph
Enter your last 4 characters of your public key and the endian xxxx of your account number 0.0.xxxx and we'll may attempt to send you 1 HBar instantly, only once. Does not work yet with all accounts.
This is a demo of a leader board and is for entertainment purposes only. Data may be out of date and inaccurate. We are not associated with Hedera Hashgraph LLC.
Our HH ID is 0.0.2877
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