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HBar Transfers 0.0.42211
Hash-hash displays non validated gossip and post-validates on selected accounts. We display 1:1 transfers and 1:N but not M:N transfers. Transactions may be missing and only essential transactions above a calculated threshold are shown.
UTC Time / HH IDsentreceivedsecondsfromAccNumtoAccNummemomemo
Mon 11 May 20 22:20
2877 -  0.1 1589235604 42211 2877 lll lll
We're preparing an alternative experience for hash-hash and for this reason we need to constantly rebuild large parts of the back end, which means transactions might become occasionally unavailable. Try one of the other great alternatives to get your transaction data and remember to always cross-check your transactions and check the server signatures (available with

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Balance History 0.0.42211
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Updated HBAR Guesstimate($)
2020-09-27 05:00:32  0.39681226 ~$0.01
2020-05-11 22:32:54  0.39681226 ~$0.01

This is a demo of a leader board and is for entertainment purposes only. Data may be out of date and inaccurate and integrity of data is not warranted.
Our HH ID is 0.0.2877 and 0.0.995 (temporarily)
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